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Summary of Ontario COVID-19 Cases By City

Location is based on reporting centers, not infected addresses
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Reporting CenterTotal CasesRecoveredActiveDeathsLast DeathLast Infection
Barrie51,00150,01698.1%4991%4861%20 days ago4 days ago
Belleville12,34011,84996%4073.3%840.7%14 days ago5 days ago
Brantford13,05912,81998.2%1421.1%980.8%45 days ago4 days ago
Brockville11,28310,87896.4%2912.6%1141%13 days ago4 days ago
Chatham9,7529,53297.7%1201.2%1001%56 days ago5 days ago
Cornwall17,95217,47397.3%2361.3%2431.4%11 days ago5 days ago
Guelph24,52824,12798.4%2260.9%1750.7%9 days ago5 days ago
Hamilton65,39564,10898%6791%6080.9%26 days ago5 days ago
Kenora12,27312,06798.3%1701.4%360.3%22 days ago4 days ago
Kingston20,40319,96897.9%3561.7%790.4%20 days ago5 days ago
London42,80441,85097.8%5091.2%4451%17 days ago5 days ago
Mississauga196,499193,93898.7%1,1340.6%1,4270.7%7 days ago4 days ago
New Liskeard2,3452,27497%462%251.1%76 days ago4 days ago
Newmarket121,945120,07898.5%7740.6%1,0930.9%23 days ago4 days ago
North Bay7,5097,30697.3%1411.9%620.8%13 days ago4 days ago
Oakville53,42752,71098.7%3660.7%3510.7%17 days ago4 days ago
Ottawa81,98780,39798.1%7040.9%8861.1%18 days ago4 days ago
Owen Sound9,9259,70597.8%1411.4%790.8%33 days ago4 days ago
Pembroke5,9215,73396.8%1252.1%631.1%24 days ago5 days ago
Peterborough8,8078,51796.7%1902.2%1001.1%13 days ago4 days ago
Point Edward12,94212,63697.6%1551.2%1511.2%15 days ago5 days ago
Port Hope10,81910,55097.5%1431.3%1261.2%14 days ago4 days ago
Sault Ste. Marie9,6489,41797.6%1661.7%650.7%27 days ago4 days ago
Simcoe9,6189,43698.1%900.9%921%31 days ago5 days ago
St. Thomas15,76415,24596.7%3362.1%1831.2%12 days ago5 days ago
Stratford8,3268,07897%1231.5%1251.5%24 days ago4 days ago
Sudbury18,14217,65197.3%3231.8%1680.9%21 days ago4 days ago
Thorold45,79344,82997.9%3910.9%5731.3%8 days ago5 days ago
Thunder Bay15,51515,09997.3%2991.9%1170.8%11 days ago4 days ago
Timmins8,2478,09698.2%740.9%770.9%30 days ago5 days ago
Toronto350,795344,32498.2%2,0750.6%4,3961.3%19 days ago4 days ago
Waterloo50,93850,11898.4%3470.7%4730.9%19 days ago5 days ago
Whitby67,60266,64898.6%4440.7%5100.8%18 days ago4 days ago
Windsor48,15246,90197.4%5821.2%6691.4%13 days ago4 days ago

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