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Summary of Ontario COVID-19 Cases By City

Location is based on reporting centers, not infected addresses
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Reporting CenterTotal CasesRecoveredActiveDeathsLast DeathLast Infection
Barrie30,45127,81391.3%2,3207.6%3181%7 days ago1 day ago
Belleville5,4494,76887.5%65011.9%310.6%10 days ago2 days ago
Brantford8,9068,04690.3%8069.1%540.6%7 days ago1 day ago
Brockville5,2834,63087.6%58011%731.4%11 days ago1 day ago
Chatham5,6544,98088.1%62211%520.9%13 days ago2 days ago
Cornwall12,01610,72089.2%1,1249.4%1721.4%6 days ago1 day ago
Guelph16,71415,42592.3%1,1556.9%1340.8%12 days ago1 day ago
Hamilton44,36640,52591.3%3,3827.6%4591%8 days ago1 day ago
Kenora2,9872,52484.5%45115.1%120.4%9 days ago1 day ago
Kingston8,3307,79693.6%5056.1%290.3%10 days ago1 day ago
London27,78824,90089.6%2,6019.4%2871%4 days ago1 day ago
Mississauga161,762152,12394%8,5755.3%1,0640.7%4 days ago1 day ago
New Liskeard91880187.3%10911.9%80.9%5 days ago2 days ago
Newmarket92,80087,98494.8%3,8754.2%9411%7 days ago1 day ago
North Bay2,5802,33890.6%2319%110.4%24 days ago1 day ago
Oakville38,99536,33493.2%2,3866.1%2750.7%12 days ago1 day ago
Ottawa55,89651,38891.9%3,8396.9%6691.2%3 days ago2 days ago
Owen Sound5,1734,84993.7%2865.5%380.7%9 days ago1 day ago
Pembroke2,6042,25686.6%32912.6%190.7%6 days ago2 days ago
Peterborough4,7204,19088.8%48910.4%410.9%12 days ago1 day ago
Point Edward8,4107,39287.9%91610.9%1021.2%11 days ago2 days ago
Port Hope5,7594,94085.8%74512.9%741.3%13 days ago2 days ago
Sault Ste. Marie3,3342,73682.1%57517.2%230.7%10 days ago2 days ago
Simcoe6,1065,45489.3%5779.4%751.2%15 days ago2 days ago
St. Thomas9,7408,75989.9%8518.7%1301.3%16 days ago2 days ago
Stratford4,8404,35490%4068.4%801.7%17 days ago1 day ago
Sudbury8,4757,03983.1%1,35616%800.9%10 days ago1 day ago
Thorold30,19427,37090.6%2,3527.8%4721.6%6 days ago2 days ago
Thunder Bay6,2395,32285.3%84413.5%731.2%19 days ago1 day ago
Timmins4,0373,61289.5%3919.7%340.8%8 days ago1 day ago
Toronto262,088245,16593.5%13,0325%3,8911.5%3 days ago1 day ago
Waterloo36,95033,51590.7%3,0978.4%3380.9%9 days ago2 days ago
Whitby48,73144,58891.5%3,7387.7%4050.8%5 days ago2 days ago
Windsor33,16030,31191.4%2,3097%5401.6%4 days ago2 days ago

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